Added More Live Rock

Submitted by admin on Sat, 12/03/2005 - 00:51

Here are two damsels that I gave to the LFS. I've had these guys and one other for years. But I did not want them in the reef system. One is known to pick on soft corals. Also, they are MEAN little guys. They kept on bothering Moby and never left him alone. I'll miss em' but it's time for some clowns and a royal gramma.
Bye bye little fellow. This guy had a few screws loose. He would sometimes swim vertical, sort of hovering with his nose up in the "air". I removed him and two other damsels before I added the 28 lbs of live rock.
Here is the live rock in the goat. I had some boxes in there to prevent movement or spilling. And also some towels and blankets.
Here is the new live rock that I bought from Premium Aquatics. I had two buckets full.
I had to remove them. There would be no way I could remove them once I added all of that live rock. I've had these guys for years, so it wasn't easy to let em' go. An employee at the LFS took them in and said he'd give them a good home. I'll probably be getting a couple of clowns and either a sixline wrasse, or a royal gramma.
There is a lot of rock in there! But for the price I got it for from, well worth it! I can't wait to start adding corals.
My first Isopod! I found this little guy after I added 28 pounds of live rock.