By admin, 5 August, 2005


The $25 bracket from AMW will not fit on an 05... I think.

There are only 2 holes in the heads on an LS2 where there are 3 holes on an LS1.

If you space the bracket out alittle with a nut and a few washers you don't have to trim the FRC's 1/2" on the bottom and 3/4" on the top. Comments 

"Normal operation there is a hose going from your crankcase to your intake manifold. The hot oily air from the crankcase is vented to your intake. The idea is to burn up the oily air during the combustion process. Putting oily air into your motor is not desirable from a performance standpoint, great for reducing polution though. Putting the catch can in causes the oil to collect in the catch can, instead of going into your intake."

"Every couple of weeks, I open it and put a paper towel in there to soak it up."