My new goat!!

By admin, 19 August, 2005

What can I say? I'm in love. emoticon emoticon emoticonemoticon

I picked the beast up on Thursday, August 18th 2005. The goat had 52 miles when I picked it up, plus 2 more for a quick test drive. emoticon The dealership brought it over from another town, so that's where the extra miles came from. This is simply the most incredible machine I have ever been near! The power is crazy. The comfort, like sitting in the hand of God. I took some pictures last night, but there will be many many more to come. emoticon


Cluster: 54 miles, 2 miles put on by me for the test drive. The other miles from a dealership transfer.

Dealership shot.

Blaupunkt Audio System

The bone shattering, head snapping power.

One tap on that right pedal and you jump up 20 mph.

Blurry, but here is a pic of the goat at night.

And another at night with the fog lamps on.

More to come...