My saltwater fish tank

Submitted by admin on Sun, 11/27/2005 - 01:03

Well, I decided to resetup my fish only saltwater tank to a reef tank on Oct. 22nd 2005. I let it go for far too long. Algae all over the place.
This was mostly caused by using tap water. Which is a big no-no for saltwater tanks apparently. So now, I buy all of my RO (reverse osmosis) water from the LFS (local fish store).
I decided to go with Lace rock for the base rock. It’s fairly dense, but a lot cheaper than live rock.
I also bought a Coralife superskimmer rated for 65 gallons, and a wet/dry system rated for 75 gallons. I’d like to get a bigger sump sometime. The pump is a 475 GPH CAP 1800. I also have a AquaClear 30 powerhead which is rated at 142 GPH. I’d like to get at least 20 turnover.
I have several damsels from my old tank still. So I placed them in a rubber maid during the new setup, and then a bucket to acclimate them to the new water. The big devil damsel wasn’t doing very good. He was very lethargic. But once I put him into the main tank, he did much much better and was back to normal in about 5 minutes.