New Light

Submitted by admin on Sun, 11/27/2005 - 01:17

I bought a new light on the 12th for my tank. The old light was only 65 watts (I think). That is no where near what I need for a reef tank. So I picked up a 192 watt lighting system. Before this light, the tank actually looked yellow in color. I never noticed until I put the new light on!!

Here is the old light


And now the new light


I also bought some more hermit crabs. 4 are blue legged hermits. I’m not sure what the big guy is…. He ended up dieing about 24 hours after I got him.


I also lost my starfish the previous day. I think he starved to death. Moby keeps the tank too clean for any other bottom feeders. I also think Moby buried my baby hermits!! He would drag them to his little rock shelter and then use them as reinforcement for his crushed coral cave. I don’t know what to do with that one…. Ornery little shit.