Submitted by admin on Sun, 11/27/2005 - 01:55

It looks like I’ll be buying a puppy this Friday. The breeder brought him into the LFS (local fish store) and Mom fell in love with him. Don’t tell anyone, but I sorta did too… :) He is a mixed breed, a Yorkie/Carin terrier. It looks like he has more Yorkshire than Carin in him.

Here is the family. Bailey is the mother. A carin terrier. The black runt will be mine, he was the only black one. There are two brown females and one brown male.

Here he is eating. So he isn't 100% reliant on mom.

The breeder told me he is the hog of the litter. He grabs hold and won't let go of his mom's melons.

As for a name. I’m thinking Einstein.