Side by Side Concert

Submitted by admin on Wed, 04/19/2006 - 16:24

IPFW Choir = Great. IPFW Wind ensemble = Great. Snider

Snider is a High School after all. I liked their choir's outfits, but their wind ensemble needs a lot of work, a lot seemed to be out of sync to me. It looked like half the students didn't want to be there. Their second piece was much better than the first, but nothing compared to what IPFW did. I'll need to find out her name from Jimmer, but the gal on the flute for IPFW was very very good. I cant remember the name of the piece, but its a well known one. (Thanks Rachel! Flight of the Bumblebee)

Ill post more details later. Maybe even a clip or two from my camera.

Updated April 22nd 11:10pm.

Movies: Apologies for my crappy camera, it's not designed for recording movies. :)
Every Time I Feel the Spirit
Polly Wolly