Swimming, Baptism, Shakespeare, and The Tweedles

Submitted by admin on Wed, 08/02/2006 - 23:19

Its been awhile since my last blog so here we go!

Okay, my life is typically uneventful but last weekend was not my typical weekend! Woot!

So, Friday night I went to a play. The Twelfth Night. Very good actors, but a pissy location. Right outside of Walb at IPFW at night after a recent rain. Well, I was able to make it through half the show before I was eaten alive by mosquitoes. The damn buggers would not leave me alone! I was slapping, itching, growling. I couldnt take it anymore, so I left.

Saturday I went for a swim in the morning. A real nice day out and good company. After that I rushed home, took a quick shower and shave, and got ready for a Baptism. An ex-coworker and friend of mine was having his son baptized. Everyone was emotional and full of smiles. It was a good baptism. Its actually the only one Ive ever been to lol. Well the priest was a really down-to-earth and a good guy. He seemed happy and content in life. After the reception and some Mexican food I went to the second half of the play I left the previous night. But this time I was prepared!

Insect repellent. Take that you devilish insects! Muhahahahahaha! Well, the biting stopped and I was able to enjoy to rest of the play. Afterwards I was inside of Walb talking with my best bud Jimmer. He was saying What are you smiling about?. I replied, Well, I thought someone was behind me. But it was just my folding chair bag over my shoulder! I kept turning around trying to see who it was but it kept turning with me!. Hehehe. :)

Sunday wasnt as eventful. But I was able to clean out my salt water aquarium. That bubble algae is a real pain. I went out and bought a couple more emerald crabs. I hope they take care of it. I also talked to a friend that night who was going through some tough times.

I took Monday off from work. And wow, it was brutally hot outside! The news said to stay inside and drive as little as possible. So, Jimmer, Brent, and I drove up to a lake about an hour away and were outside most of the day filming the first episode of The Tweedles (lake and campus mostly). We stayed on schedule and finished everything we had set out to do. But OMG it was hot! Anyway, check out the myspace page: http://myspace.com/thetweedles for pics!