Transformers Movie - GO SEE IT!!

Submitted by admin on Thu, 07/05/2007 - 08:27

This was a really well done movie, some of the fights between the auto-bots was long, but the movie had a lot of good humor (a lot!), things blowing up, gun fire..... plenty of ACTION!

Anyway, the camero in it looked really sweet. And I've seen that as the new concept for the camero that is coming out. But I didn't know they had one made already. Well, they don't! Sorta..

"Because the Camaro wasn't in running form, movie personnel used a Camaro concept that had the rear-wheel-drive setup underneath it from a Pontiac GTO. At the time, GM was importing a GTO from its Australian unit. This GTO ended U.S. sales in calendar 2006, and the upcoming production Camaro will use a different rear-wheel-drive platform."


And here's another article with pics.